Advanced Reactors Information System(ARIS)

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    Core Materials

    Acronym Fuel material Cladding material Enrichment of reload fuel
    [wt %]
    Fuel cycle length
    Average discharge burnup
    Burnable absorber Control rod absorber Soluble neutron absorber


    IAEA THERPRO The THERPRO database is a web-based online database on materials for light and heavy water reactors, providing material properties to the registered/authorized users in IAEA Member States.

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    Uranium, UO2
    Plutonium, PuO2, MOX
    Zirconium, Zircaloy-2, Zircaloy-4, Zr-Nb alloy
    Iron, Low-alloy steels, Stainless steels
    Nikel, Inconel 617, Inconel 718